Which SEO Service is Right For You

A few years ago, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was something most people had barely heard of, if at all. Nowadays, more and more people are catching on to the fact that SEO is an essential component of absolutely any digital marketing campaign. However, still, there are very few people who fully understand it. As such it is more than worthwhile employing a competent professional SEO consultant. But what kind of SEO do you need?

Black Hat SEO

This, you don't need. SEO hats are like markets, the black ones are a bit dodgy.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture utilizes many of the essential tenets and practices of architecture and design to improve the organization, location and accessibility structures upon which intranets, software, online communities and websites are predicated and which allow them to function.

Website Development

This one is very straightforward. Well, at least, it's very straightforward to explain. SEO strategies are implemented when your website is created in order to make it SEO compliant.

User Experience

Again, a form of SEO strategy that is nice and simple to explain. The manner in which your website is optimized for search engines is extremely important and can give visitors to your website either a positive or a negative view of your company. For instance, poorly written content that is overly stuffed with keywords to the point of being unreadable, will drive customers away from your site, rather than pulling them toward it.

Market Research

Though market research is something not often associated with the digital landscape and those that operate within it, it is an essential part of the production of any proper SEO strategy.

Content Strategy

From a practice not typically associated with SEO, to the type of work most synonymous with it in the minds of most people: content; the actual words that make up your website. Many SEO specialists have a background in writing rather than computers. While knowledge of both is essential, the fact is that people will not bother reading the content on your website if it is poorly written and fails to engage them, no matter how SEO compliant it is in other areas.


SEO is definitely not the fastest arrow in a business' marketing quiver, but it can provide by far the best Return On Investment in the long run. This is due in large part to due diligence being paid to analyzing data and adapting SEO strategy accordingly.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Essentially, the main job of an SEO consultant is to put the product or service you are offering in front of potential customers, consumers or clients at precisely the moment they find themselves desiring or requiring it. This is the way in which SEO can improve your website's conversion rate.

Local SEO

Localized Search Engine Optimization strategies often incorporate many, most, or all, of the methods listed above, but they come with the added dimension that they are laser focused on ensuring that customers in the area local to you are the most likely to see your website and know about your company.

For instance, if they were looking for SEO Birmingham based, local businesses would benefit from implementing an SEO strategy that was heavily geared toward the intense promotion of the company within that city.

Entirely parenthetically, in terms of companies offering excellent SEO Birmingham has its fair share.